Hope for the Holidazed

-The holiday season has arrived -
are you ready for the hard stuff?

  • Increased stress, busyness, demands on time and energy.
  • Kids out of school with large blocks of unstructured time.
  • Kids stuck inside, getting on each other’s nerves.
  • Trauma triggers, emotions running high, anticipation and disappointment.
  • Increased reactivity, increased dysregulation.
  • Exhaustion, and a never-ending list of stuff to do.

"Mark is a genius. I've been coached by lots of people, and the depth of perception, kindness and self-responsibility he has is unbelievable. He has changed my life. I will forever be grateful."
- Lindsay W.

Do you want to:

  • Reclaim the joy of the season?
  • Enjoy togetherness?
  • Grow closer as a family?
  • Find peace amidst the chaos?

Are you prepared to:

  • Mitigate the risks of meltdowns and diffuse the intensity of the hard stuff?
  • See beneath the behaviors to the unmet needs driving them?
  • Take pro-active steps to empower your kids to be successful?
  • Fill your own cup so that you have enough energy to pour into your kids?

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Don’t face the holiday Craziness alone!

Hope for the Holidazed is your connected parenting lifeline for holiday stress. It is a Facebook-based parent coaching solution that gets you help with your hardest parenting challenges. A subscription covering the entire 2017 holiday season is only $200!

Here is what you get:

  • Exclusive access to the Hope for the Holidazed Facebook group.
    • Membership in the group is limited to paying clients.
    • The group opens Sunday, November 19th, 2017 and runs through January 2nd, 2018.
  • Facebook hosted coaching conversations with Mark Vatsaas, connected parenting coach and TBRI Practitioner.
    • Starting a conversation is as easy as posting to the Hope for the Holidazed group.
    • I will respond with questions, we will identify the outcome you hope to achieve, and then we will have a dialogue around your desired outcome.
    • You will leave the conversation with greater awareness of your situation and with SMART action items that move you closer to your goal. SMART actions are simple, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.
    • Every Holidazed client is guaranteed a minimum of 5 conversations. Additional conversation may be available if demand is low. Conversation must be started within the subscription period. Unused conversations will not be refunded.
  • Learn by watching me coach other Holidazed clients.
    • Clients often tell me that they learn as much or more from the questions I ask and how I ask them as they do from the answers and advice I give.
    • When you are not actively engaged in a conversation, you still have a ring-side seat to the conversations I am having with others.
    • You will receive tremendous value even if you never start a coaching conversation of your own.
  • When Facebook is not enough, you can bump your conversation up to a phone or video call.
    • While we can accomplish a lot in a Facebook post, there are times when the limitations of a text only format do become an obstacle.
    • In the event that we cannot successfully troubleshoot your specific situation in Facebook, Holidazed clients may escalate their conversation from Facebook to a 30-minute phone or video call.
    • The first phone/video call escalation is included with your subscription.
    • Additional 30-minute phone or video escalations may be purchased for $50 each

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      constraints, Caveats, and quid pro quos

      • Conversations will initially be between Mark and the poster only. At times, Mark may invite other members to join the conversation with questions or ideas. Drawing upon multiple voices is one of the benefits of a group discussion, but please respect any directions or constraints Mark gives regarding when to join in and how.
      • Facebook is a text forum. There are limitations on the fidelity of communication via text. Please be as clear and complete as you can. If something is offensive, say so explicitly. It is likely that the offense was unintended and can be corrected with clarification.
      • Facebook is an asynchronous forum. This means that replies are not always instantaneous. Mark will be as available and responsive as he can, but he does need to eat, sleep, attend to his family, and continue his other coaching activities. Please expect that conversations proceeding in spurts is the nature of Facebook conversations. You have the option to escalate to a phone call if your situation requires a more urgent resolution.
      • In the event that demand is higher than Mark can service solo, or if Mark becomes unavailable due to illness or injury, Mark will bring in additional resources to help meet the demand.
      • Coaching is a two-way street. Your participation as a client is essential to success. It is not the coach’s job to fix the client’s situation. The coach’s job is to help the client find the path. What you get out of coaching is directly related to how much you put into it.
      • All coaching conversations must be submitted before the end of the subscription period. Some conversations may require additional time past the subscription period to complete. Unused conversations and phone/video calls will not be refunded.
      • This is not a completely private forum.
        • All conversations in the Facebook group will be visible to all Holidazed clients.
        • This is by design – clients often gain as much value from observing coaching conversations as they do from initiating them. Sometimes the biggest insights come from the conversations you would never have thought to start.
        • On the other hand, we recognize that some information is simply too private to share publicly. Holidazed clients will have the option to raise privacy concerns with Mark in a private message, and Mark will address these privacy concerns on a case by case basis. In most cases, the bulk of the conversation can remain visible to the group while protecting the privacy of the sensitive details. If necessary, a conversation can be completed via private messages.

      click Here to Buy your 2017 Hope for the Holidazed subscription now!