Free Initial Consultation

This is a phone call lasting 60-90 minutes where we:

  • Discuss any questions you have about me and my services, contractual agreements, scheduling options, and pricing.
  • Do a verbal intake covering you, your family, your situation, and your goals for coaching.
  • If I know of another resource that might be a better fit for you, I will share those options with you as well.
  • Design the coaching package that best fits your needs.
  • Schedule our first coaching session.


To schedule your free initial consultation, contact Mark Vatsaas using one of these options:

Learn More

You can read about me and my services here:


Remote Coaching

Basic Remote Coaching Package - $750 for four 90-minute sessions.

Remote coaching is best done by a video call, although a regular phone call will suffice if needed. You control the timing of the sessions. Most clients choose to meet weekly at first, then every other week, or every three weeks. Remote coaching days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Mark operates on the Mountain time zone, and appointment times are at 8am, 10am, noon, 2pm and 4pm Mountain time.
Click here to schedule your initial consultation.

iN-Home Intensive Coaching

In-home intensive coaching - $1000/ 8 hour day + travel

A typical in-home intervention is 3 days, but the actual length varies depending on the needs of the client. To get the most benefit from your in-home intensive, I recommend regular follow-up remote sessions to support you as you transform your parenting. We will discuss your specific needs during our initial consultation, and design a package that fits your needs.
Click here to schedule your initial consultation.