There are two questions that every parent asks when seeking help from a coach:

  • Is this the right coach for us?
  • Will it be worth it?

The only way to answer those questions with certainty is through experience. The following are testimonials from those that have experienced what I have to offer. While I cannot guarantee that your experience will be the same, I can guarantee that I will give you every bit as much effort and heart as I have these parents.

My 10-year old son, adopted from foster care, and I were both struggling.  Understanding the effects of trauma, I tried really hard to parent with connection but I was overwhelmed, stressed out and tired.  I believed in connected parenting but I was having trouble implementing it.  In the moments of my son’s disrespectfulness, defiance and dysregulation, I could not remember how to respond.  I knew we needed help, so I contacted Mark.  To address my biggest concern—remembering in the moment—Mark created a simple four-step process to help me remember how to respond to my son’s dysregulation.  Next Mark led me to a deeper, clearer understanding of connected parenting that no amount of book reading, video watching, conference attending or Parenting with Connection posting could.  Now, I am confident, calm and ready to parent with connection for the win.  Thank you Mark for these life-changing strategies and the hope for a more peaceful home.

-- Suzanne P.

I can't thank Mark enough for the time he spent with me during a recent call. I was struggling and trying to cope with my responses to some difficult behaviors from my child. I felt like a broken dad.

On his "night-off" we spoke for more than an hour coming up with what was driving my responses, possible strategies to try and immediate measures to take when I felt "triggered." I wouldn't have known about Mark or his services except through a Facebook group that he helps manage. He has a standing offer for dads like me to do a free call and work with the issues at hand.

If you're reading this you might be considering getting help. I have a lot of pride and it was hard for me personally to ask for help. Men don't like to admit to their weakness, but if it faster to get help than to struggle on your own why not get the help? If you consider how long you'll be a dad and the amount of time on a call with Mark, I'd call it a no-brainer decision. I don't want any dad to ever feel like I did: approaching a crisis without any resources.

Do yourself and your family a favor and schedule a call with Mark today.

-- Derek B.

I’m getting married next spring, and my fiancée’s four-year-old adopted son has been diagnosed with FASD and sensory processing disorder, plus he has anger management issues. A consultation with Mark Vatsaas on the topic of connected parenting was revelatory and has helped me better understand how to relate with my future stepson. Now I can focus on building a relationship with him based on trust and safety rather than fear and punishment, as my generation was taught back in the day.
-- Thomas P.

Mark Vatsaas is a very informative man who helped me understand a better way to parent my child in a loving way that honors God.  He put things in a way that was simple and very helpful for application in helping me to better understand alternative ways to help re-direct my child's outbursts. This also helped me learn how to best parent my children and show them how to be obedient and respectful. It's not an overnight change but in time Mark's advise helped me and my children get a long better and allowed my children to show respect for one another. He is a wonderful testimony of a father who loves his children and cares about their direction in life. I'm thankful for his desire to help other fathers learn to love their children more and guide them in a way that will allow their children to grow.
-- Kelly C.

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